QualiChem 232CF Xtreme-Cut

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QualiChem 232CF Xtreme-Cut

QualiChem 232CF Xtreme-Cut


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QualiChem Xtreme-Cut 232 is designed to excel on ferrous materials while also being multi-metal safe. This fluid is ideal to use when a mix of metals are being machined or ground and where the primary metals consist of steels and stainless alloys, including heat-treated stainless steels.

Xtreme-Cut 232 offers a level of point-of-cut performance on ferrous alloys previously only possible with high-lube full synthetic fluids and extreme pressure containing soluble oils, but with the machine compatibility, operator friendliness and rust protection of today’s premium low oil emulsion products. This is made possible by selecting raw materials specifically designed to lubricate and provide extreme pressure performance on ferrous metals. The fluid has the additional benefit of unique surfactant chemistry for extremely low drag-out rates, thus reducing usage and maintenance burden.

Xtreme-Cut 232 will run clean, has excellent resistance to biological contamination and is low foaming.

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