QualiChem 766 Xtreme-Cut (40 cSt)

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QualiChem 766 Xtreme-Cut (40 cSt)

QualiChem 766 Xtreme-Cut (40 cSt)


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QualiChem Xtreme-Cut 766 is a highly formulated, heavy-duty cutting oil for the machining of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The unique combination of extreme pressure compounds, polar lubricants, and next generation additives formulated at the optimum viscosity provides outstanding lubricity for severe cutting and form grinding applications.

Xtreme-Cut 766 is safe on all metals especially stainless steels, difficult-to-machine high alloy steels, nickel, titanium, specialty high strength alloys and aerospace aluminums. It is also suitable for machining mild steels, copper and brass alloys.

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