QualiChem Eqo-Pure 450

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QualiChem Eqo-Pure 450

QualiChem Eqo-Pure 450


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QualiChem EQO-PURE 450 is a synthetic micro-emulsion cutting and grinding fluid formulated for severe machining of aluminum and exotic alloys such as titanium, hastalloy and waspaloy. This fluid is suitable for use in both central systems and individual sumps. Typical operations include boring, deep hole drilling, gundrilling, reaming, roll forming, tapping, and threading.

EQO-PURE 450 provides both ferrous and non-ferrous corrosion protection and is suitable for aerospace applications. This fluid contains a new generation of additive technology to improve tool life and part quality without the problems associated with extreme pressure additives such as chlorine, sulfur, and phosphorous.

EQO-PURE 450 utilizes a unique synthetic base stock proven to give excellent machining performance while maintaining hydrolytic stability. This product offers the performance of a vegetable oil without the heavy residues and emulsion instability found in competitive products.

EQO-PURE 450 forms a stable emulsion and runs exceptionally clean offering the benefit of unmatched performance at the point of cut coupled with long service life. Excellent replacement for Castrol SYNTILO AL30 and Blaser Vasco 1000 and 5000.

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