QualiChem Met-Cut 746 (28.5 cSt)

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QualiChem Met-Cut 746 (28.5 cSt)

QualiChem Met-Cut 746 (28.5 cSt)


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QualiChem Met-Cut 746 is a high performance, heavy-duty chlorine-free straight oil for both cutting and grinding applications. This straight oil is formulated with chlorine replacement technology and sulfurized additives, along with polar and hydrodynamic lubrication additives to provide superior performance.

Met-Cut 746 is designed to prevent chip welding and metal pick-up on the tool and grinding wheel. This fluid is used where fine finishes and critical grind performance is required. This product is designed primarily for ferrous metals. It should not be used on yellow metals and is not compatible with Babbitt bearing surfaces.

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