QualiChem Xtreme-Cut 250C

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QualiChem Xtreme-Cut 250C

QualiChem Xtreme-Cut 250C


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QualiChem Xtreme-Cut 250C is a premium, heavy-duty semi-synthetic fluid designed to provide optimum tool life and surface finish. This product is formulated for use on a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, which makes it well suited for job shop operations.

Q-CUT 250C also has excellent corrosion control for ferrous metals. The fluid has a tight emulsion to promote tramp oil rejection and exhibits excellent hard water stability up to 35 grains of hardness.

Q-CUT 250C utilizes state of the art raw materials to prevent the rotten egg odors associated with most soluble oils and semi-synthetic fluids. The fluid runs clean, has excellent bio-resistance, and is low foaming. Premium high oil containing semi-synthetic cutting and grinding fluid. Excellent for job shop environments doing multiple metals. Long sump life. Chlorine free. Great rancidity control. Boeing approved for Aluminum, Titanium and Stainless Steels.

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